Simple integration into any business sector, both physical and online

Nuestros servicios se adaptan a cualquier tipo de necesidad de un comercio con soporte técnico dedicado a mejorar las expectativas de los clientes finales.

Our services are adapted to every type of need with dedicated technical support to improve the end user experience.

Physical markets

Solution that simplifies on site payment in physical markets and street businesses such as clothing stores, gas stations, leisure activities, and independent professionals, among others.

Unattended machines

A unified solution to manage payments in commerces with unattended machines such as carwash, laundry, parking or public transport. It accepts new payment methods other than cards, such as QR codes or with contactless devices, it adds value to your business with loyalty features packages for your customers and gets you to obtain real-time data from your business.

Custom solutions and integrations

At Wipay we take care of the necessities of each business and we offer a personalised analysis to integrate any of our payment solutions.